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Are you worried about the future? Do you wish you could do something about wicked sustainability problems? Would you like to learn the skills to find new solutions? We have good news: the future of sustainability learning is here, and you have a role to play in it.

Join Serendip, an immersive virtual adventure where you gain sustainability knowledge based on the latest research that helps you tackle real-world problems! Connect to your own values, collaborate with others and develop the skills you need to build a more sustainable world!

In this learning adventure, there are fictional characters that you will meet, information to discover and unique experiences waiting for you at every step. Joining Serendip will contribute to your understanding of the complexity of sustainability problems. Here you can train to become the change agent this planet needs!


borealforest-icon BOREAL FOREST

Begin the adventure through snow and woods. The Boreal Forest is influencing the global earth system in many ways. Your thinking of sustainable decision-making will be challenged. You will see that things are more complex than they may seem. What is your proposal for the sustainable future of the Boreal Forest?

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dryland-icon DRYLAND

A peek to the future can be all you need to activate your problem-solving skills. Come and learn about the impact of climate change and human action on dryland areas in this inspiring episode!

rainforest-icon RAINFOREST

It's all about taking different perspectives when it comes to learning about rainforest conservation. In this episode you get to practice communication skills and deal with conflictual situations.

ocean-icon OCEAN

Your lifestyle in the city has an impact on marine biodiversity. It's time for action and this episode offers you the chance to implement solutions!
Welcome to the world of Serendip, a virtual place grounded in reality. In the the world of Serendip, sustainability is a priority for humans. It is the place where everyone trains to become a change agent. In Serendip everything is possible, even meeting the ancient Storyteller of the Earth, Madida, who will be your learning companion. There are enchanted animals and plants, which tell you their own stories and help you do your tasks. In Serendip everyone works together, because they have a common goal, ensuring the survival of their kin. Join us!


The goal of the learning adventure is to develop multidisciplinary sustainability competencies. Based on the discussions, information and experiences gathered in the game, you will be required to do a main task which will be related to the overall pedagogical layout of each episode.


In this learning adventure, you are given the task to train to become a change agent. You will go on an adventure to discover four of the climate change tipping points of Earth. Your main training task is to rewrite the Book of Serendip. This is the Book of Earth which consists of everything that happened, happens and will happen to this planet. Right now, the future of Earth shown in the Book of Serendip is not sustainable for humanity. Therefore, more action needs to be taken. In each episode, you will have a specific task to do, which will materialize in a Book chapter. Every time a new chapter is added, the future of the planet will become more sustainable.